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Jet Boats

Northcoast Motorsport and Suzuki Marine have been specializing in the sales, service and import of Yamaha jet Boats as well as sale and service of Rotax powered Sea Doo, Chaparral and Scarob jet boat. 

We have Jet Boat Dealers and shipping companyies in the US who we work very closely with and regularly import Boats and spare parts. 

These type of Boats are one of the most exciting high performance Boats you will ever own.

We are specialist in maintain this type of boat due to their jet ski style motors and jet pumps. We have been servicing and maintaining these types of Boats for over 20 years. We know then inside and out and can give you the right advice on what to buy and how to best maintain you boat. 

We are also an authorised Queensland Transport Inspection Station and can modify and compliance Plate your imported Jet Boat trailer as USA trailers do not meet Australian Standards.

Call us any time and we can assist you with any of your Jet Boat needs.

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